Channel Development, including Sales & Distribution process

  What Businesses Need
  The sales and distribution function essentially translates the marketing initiatives into Go-to-Market activation plan and its success hinges on understanding the retail market construct and dynamics. Depending on the nature of the product or service and the geography that it is offered in, the distribution structure is configured, procedures and processes need to be defined, the right channel partners need to be brought on board and appropriate affiliations need to be created so as to ensure maximum distribution reach.
What Octave PH Provides

With hands-on experience in sales and distribution, Octave PH consulting can offer you the best in class solutions to ensure the smooth functioning of your Sales & Distribution network. Experiential understanding of this vertical and how it is run in successful transnational businesses backed with strong local knowledge of markets within West Africa, particularly Nigera helps Octave PH bring to you practical and executable sales and distribution strategies.

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