Brand Building/management, Go-to-Market strategy, Brand Communication, Market Research, Experiential marketing, Media Planning, Public Relations

  What Businesses Need
  With thousands of Brands vying for the customers attention, it is essential to have a clear understanding of what a Brand stands for and where it should be positioned. From charting the Brandís vision to understanding the market; from developing a localized go-to-market strategy to effectively advertising and promoting the Brand; every aspect of marketing needs to be well thought out and executed.
What Octave PH Provides

With extensive experience in marketing, we at Octave PH Consulting can help you with solutions for your entire marketing function. Be it an existing Brand or a new one, we can help you define the objective, create the strategy and chart out the action plan for your Brand. Also bringing to the table our in-depth local knowledge of Nigeria and West Africa, we will ensure that the brand value and its proposition is aptly adapted to the selected markets so as to have the maximum impact and acceptability within your specific target audience.

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