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  What Businesses Need
  Rapid international expansion, specifically in the emerging markets, will play a defining role in determining business leadership. The success of giant franchisors who have built profitable transnational businesses using the Franchising route has triggered a new wave of international expansion among franchise behemoths and newly established franchises alike. International Franchising is here to stay. When a franchise decides to expand into a different country, it is imperative to take into consideration all aspects, including the economic, political and social climate of the area they are targeting.
What Octave PH Provides

Octave PH Consulting takes pride in our comprehension and expertise of the local geography and style of operation required to succeed in specific markets. With over a decade of operating experience in the African continent, notably Nigeria and West Africa, we have built a reputable network of business connections that our clients can leverage. International franchise business is layered with multiple information and decision points. We are well-equipped to support your expansion requirements across the entire spectrum from strategic review of economic opportunities to analysis of suitable franchisees and tactical operational plan of establishing supply chain and vendor networks, as per the standard operating procedures defined by the principal franchisor.

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