Local Financing, Legal advisory, Business Support for International businesses, Supply Chain/Logistics support, Business Operations and Regulatory approvals, Event Management

  What Businesses Need
  Businesses, which enter new markets, are faced with a wide range of information needs, analysis and decision points spanning market study, regulatory environment, customer segments, financing, resourcing, logistics planning, and operational detailing. Reaching out across multiple geographies and cultures is a challenge that international business must overcome to enjoy the fruits of expansion and growth.

What Octave PH Provides

Octave PH consulting will render itself as your key facilitator in identifying and providing for all your business requirements while entering an emerging market. Given our successful experience in Nigeria and West Africa, we could act as your local liaison specialist providing a speedy interface between you and various institutions, agencies and regulatory authorities in this region. With Octave PH Consulting as your local business partner, you can be confident of obtaining the best local support with reference to Government Regulatory approvals, Fiduciary standards, Financing and Legal advisory and People solutions for procuring expatriate quotas and work permits.

For organizations that need to connect with the business and consumer segments in Nigeria and West Africa, we also provide event management or local coordination support through our network of associates. Planning a customer event, participating in a trade show or any other event to tap into this market is easier for our clients as they can simply rely on our established network in this region.

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