Corporate Restructuring, Corporate Image consulting, business synergies across verticals (SBUs), Business Process Mapping/Re-engineering

  What Businesses Need
  Strategic innovation and Corporate Planning comprise the cornerstone strategy for any organization to capitalize the emerging business climate. Harnessing synergies across Strategic Business Units, optimizing performance across business processes are vital aspects that need expert guidance. In a dynamic business environment, companies need to periodically review the relevance of existing corporate structures and business organization. Businesses chasing leadership positions also need to review their Corporate Image as the business personality can significantly contribute to the company’s growth. Often, business compulsions distract leadership from allocating adequate time and thought to these critical elements of long term corporate planning.
What Octave PH Provides

Octave PH Consulting can step in to assist you by applying the collective wisdom and experience of our team to your strategic corporate requirements. Having worked in different corporate set-ups and participated in the best of management education programs, our top management brings to you thought leadership that you can use. With our collaborative approach, we excel in understanding the core of your business and in doing so we are able to develop ideas and strategies which are customized and workable.

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