To set up a competitive and profitable FMCG Business in a new geography, such as Africa, is challenging. From strategic decisions such as mode of operation, identifying suitable vendors, to packaging, to branding and communication - local expertise is required from planning to execution stages. Octave PH Consulting team has a combined work experience of over 25 years of doing business in Africa and our clients leverage this effectively when they engage with us to set up operations in Nigeria & West Africa.

Among the various categories of Fast Moving Consumer Products, the packaged food and beverages segments are considered to have the greatest growth potential:

Packaged foods: A lifestyle that is picking up pace and increased buying power are changing the way Africa stocks and shops in supermarkets. Packaged food businesses wising to tap into this trend need to get their basics right for which our local knowledge can be the right catalyst Beverages: From colas, processed drinks to wines and spirits, Nigeria’s thirst for international branded beverages is increasing. Successful brand expansion in this market must be preceded by diligent planning of business aspects such as sourcing, processing, distributor networks, logistics of supply and backed up by adequate brand marketing strategies.

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